December 31, 2013

2014: Doin' It.

2014. It's a Banner Year, folks. 

This past year was a litany of successes, but my health has consistently deteriorated and I want it back. Like, bad. I'm agonizingly slow, constantly tired, and half-checked out most of the time, but my partner agrees that there's been progress these past few months since ceasing my birth control. My asthma attacks are about twice a month instead of a nightly occurrence, my body is no longer covered in hives, and the fog is lifting from my brain. I'm finally allowing myself some hope about my continuing improvement, and after reflecting back on the run of 2009, I feel like it's time for some lofty goals. Isn't that what the New Year is all about?

I've given myself a challenge:

2014 in 2014

That's 2014 kilometers in 2014, or approximately 24 miles/week. The 2009 runner in me said, "pfffsht, No problem, Woman!" But I'm a 2013 runner, and 24 miles/week sounds not just daunting, but darn near impossible. Problem is, I've always been a Go-Big-Or-Go-Home gal, so the added part of this challenge will be learning to run within my limitations.

Histamine Intolerance has made me a Woman of the Moment. Because I never know when I'll get hit by a flare-up, or how severe it will be, I know that each moment that I feel well can't be wasted. 

It has come to define my life.

So 2014 will be my reclamation. 

And Gumbo, for one, is ready for it.

Artist's Rendition. (Microsoft Paint is HARD.)

Let's do this.

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