April 19, 2014

Hey, everyone, it's Positive Spin Saturday!

Gumbo was up most of the night having an existential crisis, so we went out for a run in the rain to clear our minds and rinse off this pile-up of worry.

I have been concerned as of late about the ways in which I express my pain and the magnitude of that expression (I'll delve into this at a later post.) So I wanted to write something light and celebrate the little things that come from these strange new illnesses inhabiting my body. Plus, who doesn't love a list?

So today is Positive Spin Saturday!

First up: 

Things I Don't Have to Worry About Since Becoming Gluten Intolerant

  1. Being overwhelmed by choices at a restaurant. Can't be indecisive when you only have one choice! (Hey, lookee here, I guess I'll have fries!)
  2. Eating too much at the office party (Mini carrots, anyone?)
  3. Obsessing over "OMG when are they going to serve the wedding cake?" j/k. Who cares, I can't have it anyway! Pass the carrots.
  4. Impulse pastries! Unless I tote some donuts around in my purse, it's almost like I'm purposefully making healthy choices. Hooray for forced smug satisfaction!
  5. Hurting family's feelings by not eating their fruit cake
  6. Soggy noodles in the sink drain! AHHHHHHH!!
  7. Spending too much during airport layovers (I totes have some Kinnikinnick in my backpack, y'all) or having to eat bad airplane food. Hooray!
These are just a few of the marvelous aspects of being a gluten-free vegetarian. Positive Spin FTW.