July 8, 2014

Feelin' Good

It has now been 10 months since that last shot of Depo Provera in August, 2013. In the past few months I've felt this slow shift inside me, the gears grinding into action, glands awaking from their long, dark RipVan Winkle slumber. This month, I had another period. It was momentous, in that it:

  1. Happened almost a month after the last one (regulation!!)
  2. Though it only lasted 3 days, it was a normal, pre-Depo kinda period, with surprisingly little pain.
Since that last period, my life has been a series of "Can You Believe It"s and "Did I Really Just Eat That"s:
  1. My weight is melting off. Melting away. Just slipping off these bones and vanishing.
  2. I am currently living at over 11,000 ft. with nary a cough or chest pain (other than the normal Holy Crap I'm Living at 11,000 Ft pain).
  3. I am living off of chocolate, avocado, tomatoes, leftovers, pisco sours--the kinds of things that would have had me clawing at my face and writhing on the ground in pain. Instead, I have had 3 hives.

3 Hives.

Tonight I ate puuuuuuuudding. Sweet chocolate puuuuuuuuuuuuudding.

Can you believe it?

No, I'm not totally better. I still can't eat the standard Gluten Trio of Evil: Wheat, Barley, or Rye. I've tried a few times and it feels like my colon is going to squeeze out of my body from the inflammation. But even that is no minor miracle. Where I once stopped breathing, my lips turned blue from lack of oxygen, I clung to my antihistamines and a slim prayer that I could get oxygen past my swollen throat, I now have slight discomfort while seated and vague regret about bad label-reading.

And I haven't performed the ultimate test: Running. I don't think attempting to run at 11,000 ft is a fair trial for my new-and-improved body, so this Most Important Final Challenge will have to wait until I'm seaside again.

To those of you still waiting out the Depo Prison Sentence:

It Gets Better. It's Getting Better All the Time.